Frequently Asked QuestionsSJH_9402

Is Passion Preschool licensed with the State of New Mexico?
Yes. Our program is licensed by the Children, Youth and Families Department of the State of New Mexico. A copy of the State Regulations has been given to all employees for their review. Copies of the State Regulations and our license are also posted the school bulletin board. Passion Preschool undergoes an annual licensing review process.

Does my child have to be potty trained to attend Passion Preschool?
Yes. All children must be completely potty trained, no pull-ups, prior to enrolling into Passion Preschool.

My child will not be 3 years old by August 1st, can I still enroll him/her?  
A child cannot enroll in preschool if they are not 3 years old at the time they are attending classes.  The State of New Mexico's Children Youth and Families have strict guidelines on age grouping for preschools and childcare facilities.

I work full-time, do you have any full-time options for my child?
Both the preschool and kindergarten prep classes offer Monday - Friday options. Class starts at 8:30am and releases at 3:00pm.  Please contact admissions office for more information.  Although the preschool class curriculum is designed to be for part-time children, the full-time children in the preschool class will receive additional curriculum to reinforce lessons learned.

Do I have to pack a snack/ lunch for my child?
Yes. Please pack a nutritious snack for your child to eat. All day students will need a lunch and second snack for the afternoon.  Please ensure your child's food does not have to be refrigerated or warmed up.  Additionally, please provide a water bottle to keep your child hydrated throughout the day.

Does my family have to attend Passion Church to enroll in Passion Preschool?
No. You do not have to attend Passion Church to enroll your child in Passion Preschool.  Passion Preschool is open to the entire community.  We do encourage parents to actively participate and attend a church of their choosing to grow and continue in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Does my child have to wear a uniform or uniform type clothing?
No. Our dress code is that your child dress comfortably and modestly. Clothes must have no holes. Shirts should not have graphics with the exception of small, embroidered logos. Dresses and shorts should be modest in length. As a general guideline, fingertips should touch the bottom hem of dresses and shorts. Girls must wear shorts under dresses.  We also ask each child have a gallon-sized plastic zip-lock bag that contains at least a shirt, pants or shorts, underwear, and socks. Clothes can get soiled or dirty throughout the day and an extra set may be needed. Please label clothes with your child’s name.

Does Passion Preschool spank children as a form of discipline?
No. Passion Preschool has a strict policy that "there shall be no cruel, harsh, corporal punishment or any unusual punishments such as, but not limited to yelling, hitting, pinching, shaking, spanking, biting, deprivation of food or sleep, neglect, or any kind of mental, emotional of physical abuse." We believe discipline is a necessary and integral part of the training process of children. We do not view discipline as punishment, since it is used to help children develop self-control and respect for others. As children learn accountability for their actions, they also learn that there are consequences for the choices they make. Teachers will give age appropriate responsive guidance and discipline after the occurrence of poor behavior.

Do you take any field trips?
No. Passion Preschool does not have the means of transporting children. Therefore, instead of field trips, special guests will be brought to the school.

Does Passion Preschool obtain background checks on their teachers and staff?
Yes. All of our teachers have gone through a thorough background check and finger printing approved by the Children, Youth and Families Department of New Mexico and the FBI.

What credentials and background do the teachers have?
Our teachers are committed Christians with the call and skill to minister to children. They provide our students with an outstanding learning experience and nurture their physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth. They all have training in Early Childhood Education and Christian Education, and are certified in CPR and First Aid procedures. Additionally, every teacher is required to receive 24 credits of continuing education each year to continue employment at Passion Preschool.

Does Passion Preschool offer Financial Aid?
Passion Preschool is approved with New Mexico Children Youth and Families Department to accept students that qualify for child care assistance. For more information or to apply for CYFD assistance, please contact the New Mexico Child Care Services Bureau at:
Phone: 1-800-832-1321

 If there is inclement weather, how will I know if I should send my child to school?
Passion Church will follow APS inclement weather schedule. If an abbreviated day occurs, the school will have a 2-hour delay and will begin at 10:30 and dismiss at regular time. If a cancellation occurs, there will be no make-up days or tuition credit. Please listen to the local TV stations for notices.

My child does not take naps, does Passion Preschool allow children to skip nap time?
All day children must participate in nap, even if they are just resting quietly. Many children do not fall asleep, but the nap period is a time for them to rest and regain energy for the remainder of the day.

Can I bring a treat for the class to celebrate my child's birthday?
Yes. Celebrations are a big part of Passion Preschool. We welcome special birthday snacks such as cupcakes, cookies, etc. which will be eaten at regular morning snack time. Please check with your child’s teacher to find an appropriate day to celebrate your child’s special day. Parents are welcome to stay during the birthday celebration time. Please make sure whatever is brought that there is enough for every child in the class.